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Sunday 29 March
9:30amSunday Morning 1st... @ DCFC
Sunday 29 March
11:30amSunday Morning 2nd... @ DCFC
Sunday 29 March
1:00pmInternational Student... @ Cafe One
Sunday 29 March
6:00pmSunday Evening Service @ DCFC
Monday 30 March
7:30pmPrayer Meeting @ Cafe One
Tuesday 31 March
9:45amThe Ark @ Main Hall
Wednesday 1 April
10:00amMissionary Craft Workshop @ Cafe One
Wednesday 1 April
2:00pmKelly Home Group @ Cafe One
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Junior Church

Bible Class Youth Fellowship  Holiday Club  
  Pray Play Say Band of Brothers
Bible Babes
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Sunday Services
29th March 2015

Morning Service - 9:30 (inc Junior Church) 
& 11:30am

 Luke 11:27-54 'Blessed Obedience'
Dougie Simpson

 Evening Service - 6pm
Introduction to Amos 'The Lion Roars!'
Jeremy McQuoid
Ephesians 4:7-13 "It's Sunday, but Monday's Coming" (download)
Mr Martin Clarke, 22/03/2015
James 3:13-18 "True Wisdom" (download)
Mr Simon Marshall, 22/03/2015
Luke 11:14-26 "'Spiritual Warfare" (download)
Dr Jeremy McQuoid, 15/03/2015
Luke 11:1-13 "Prevailing in Prayer for Holy Spirit Revival" (download)
Mr John Merson, 08/03/2015
Luke 10:38-42 " 'Mary & Martha" (download)
Dr Jeremy McQuoid, 01/03/2015
Malachi 4:1-6 "A New Elijah is Coming" (download)
Mr Peter Smith, 22/02/2015
Luke 10:25-37 "The Good Samaritan" (download)
Dr Jeremy McQuoid, 22/02/2015
2 Kings 13:14-25 "It’s Still Not Over!" (download)
Mr Steven Hamilton, 15/02/2015
Luke 10:21-24 "Jumping for Joy!" (download)
Mr Robert Hamilton, 15/02/2015