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Family Value #2: Fight for the Heart

“Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” Deut 6:5

Forty years earlier, Moses had stepped off Mount Sinai with the commandments God wanted him to deliver to His people. Tucked away in the middle of those commandments was a short reference so brief in comparison to the rest of the law that it almost went unnoticed. In Exodus 20, after God had explained His commandment against worshiping other Gods or idols, He touched on the core issue the separates a system of religion from a faith that is relational.


In v6, God says He will show His love “to a thousand [generations] of those who love me and keep my commandments.” Prior to this passage there are few if any, references in the Old Testament that point to a person’s expressed love for God or to the relationship of that love to His commandments.

Veteran Leader


That’s why the words Moses speaks in Deut 6 are so pivotal. Here, he is standing in front of the Israelites as a veteran leader who has a comprehensive perspective of their history, culture, practices, and faith. He has been on the mountain with God, lived their story, and has a frame of reference like no one else. In one sentence he connects the dots in an attempt to give them an even better understanding of the big picture.

He explains the missing link that often occurs when we allow our faith to become a system of rules

The only thing that separates a living faith from a ritualistic orthodoxy is...

  • One word,
  • One idea,
  • One compelling force:



Moses knew a secret about obedience – it starts when you really believe that God can be trusted. He knew that if the generation of parents and leaders he was speaking to would choose to love God with all of their hearts and all of their souls and all of their strength it would show up in their lifestyle.

As a result, those who trust God would be trusted by the next generation, and the legacy would continue.

How as a family do we demonstrate that we trust God?

  • Heart Seat of our emotions
  • Soul Seat of our satisfaction
  • Strength Seat of our physical activities

That clearly doesn't mean they can't love other things but the God should be our number one love in emotions, satisfaction, and our physical activities 
 FVPic1  FVPic2  FVPic3  FVPic4  FVPic5  FVPic6


As a family, does our life reflect the claim God has on the throne of our heart, soul and strength?


If we HAD to lose all bar 1 of the above pictures, which would one would remain?




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