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Family Value #1: Imagine the end

“The Lord our God, the Lord is one” Deut 6:4

In one phrase Moses establishes a frame of reference for everything – God. It’s as if Moses was saying, “Everything I have said and everything I will say hinges on one essential truth that trumps everything: Our God is God.” Moses seems to be making the point that it really doesn’t matter what our kids know if they don’t know what really matters. In the battle for the heart, the temporary has a way of crowding out the eternal. It will be heartbreaking if your children enjoy the benefits of the prosperity of a better lifestyle, live in a land flowing with milk and honey, and become experientially rich, but never really know God.


It’s all about focus


When Moses encouraged the Hebrew nation to remember “The LORD our God is one,” he wasn’t concerned about them becoming atheists. He was warning about the risk of losing their focus and shifting their priorities. Isn’t it true that we have a disposition to lose focus because of our limited human perspective? When we can trace His infinite love through time and space, through countless genealogies, it gives us a reason to pause in the middle of our chaos and get clarity. A clear view of God’s character forces us to come to grips with our smallness and His magnitude.


As a parent, am I quick to pick up the yardstick that culture hands me and measure success for my children by a superficial standard?


Over time I start to think that the most important thing for them is to attend the right university, find the right career, live in the right area, and have the right friends. I expend enormous amounts of energy to makes sure I instil the right values. These things are all important; it’s just that they’re not what’s most important. Imagining the end is about focussing my priorities on what matters most.


A tangible reminder


Since the time of Moses, those who live in the Hebrew community recite the verse “The LORD our God, the LORD is one” twice a day. It’s called the Shema.


They hang it on their door posts as a visual reminder of God’s role in their daily lives. It’s always there, ever ready to realign the family’s value system when it gets distracted. It’s not there to add pressure to the parent; it’s there to help them keep perspective.


When you remind yourself frequently that God is God, it doesn’t cause you to stress more; it causes you to trust more.



A Mezuzah is two chapters from the Torah written on a piece of parchment. The parchment is then rolled into a scroll, wrapped in paper or plastic, usually inserted into a hard-plastic or metal case, and affixed to the doorpost.

The very first verse written on the Mezuzah is the Shema: “Hear oh Israel, the LORD is our GOD, the LORD is One.


Every family has the opportunity to create a physical environment that is leveraged as a frequent reminder that “the LORD our God, the LORD is one”. We must make a conscious effort to remind ourselves that there is a bigger story, and God is at the centre of it. 


Can you find something in the home that is part of your daily routine that could be used as a reminder that “the LORD our God, the LORD is one”?


Deeside Family Values # 1 Imagine the end - Link to a PDF activity sheet 


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