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Ambassadors Football School Registration Form - 2016 

Child's Details

Child's Name:
Gender: Male  Female
Date of Birth:
School Year:
Please indicate any medical information that we should be aware of
(e.g. allergies)
 My child will be collected by
My child has permission to make their own way home

Parent's /Carer's Details

Title   (Mr / Mrs / Ms / Other)
Email Address:
Telephone (home):
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Parental Consent

As parent/guardian, I wish my child to attend this Ambassadors Football School. I understand that Ambassadors Football are under no liability whatsoever to any personal loss or injury which the named applicants may sustain during the Football School.  I also hereby authorise the staff of Ambassadors Football to act for my child in their best judgement in any emergency situation requiring medical attention.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above statement.